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Golf in the morning

⛳️ Does this Spring weather make you think about golfing? I grew up with a grandpa who headed out golfing a lot. He loved the sport and he attempted to teach me this game. Grandpa’s method was very hands on. He would make me practice my swing until I was no longer thinking about the […]

Spring Golfing! Time to hit the links ~

breakfast with travel technology

It can be hard to figure out what a travel advisor does and what the value is in hiring one? Travel seems pretty simple – go online, book a trip, and it’s done. Sadly, it’s not that way any longer – it’s complicated.  So here’s what we do. We take your limited time away and […]

Why use a Travel Advisor

south america with man

Tired of tossing and turning through the night? What’s the secret to a good nights sleep?! Your own room of course!! I’ve got great news! For the next 3 days, one of my favorite suppliers, Hurtigruten, is throwing an Explore with No Strings event.    Hurtigruten is getting rid of single supplements between now and Sunday, […]

Hurtigruten Celebrates your love of travel!!

hot air balloon - travel

Welcome to the new Case by Case Travel! I‘m so excited to reintroduce my original design company to the world!! Pandemic blues – we’ve all sung them as we’ve walked through a really tough 2 years. For those of us in travel, it’s been a long slow blues rift with new variables showing up every […]

Bringing Travel to Life

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