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Bringing Travel to Life

Bringing Travel to Life

Welcome to the new Case by Case Travel!

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I‘m so excited to reintroduce my original design company to the world!!

Pandemic blues – we’ve all sung them as we’ve walked through a really tough 2 years.

For those of us in travel, it’s been a long slow blues rift with new variables showing up every day to be considered and sorted. Most of us saw our business income disappear and in some cases watched out finances go backwards.

The entire industry stood stunned in March 2020 with no idea when the heartbeat of travel might return. The unfathomable had become something forced to be fathomed (is that even a word?). It was scary and nerve-wracking to be caught in a never-ending loop without a sense of an end.

When it became clear it would be a long while until travel returned, we decided to use the time to step back and dive deep into really distilling why we do what we do, what Case by Case Travel will look like as a growing brand, and determine how we wanted to place ourselves in the new market when it arrived.

We’re going places – you coming along?

It hasn’t been easy work.

We contemplated throwing it all over and moving into something else – something less volatile than travel. There were days when it seemed like we would become one of the many has-been companies of the pandemic.

But as the months rolled by and legal pads were sorted into stacks with business plan rewrites littering the office, we finally found success.

We knew our Why? and it wasn’t that far from where we’d started.

After all the months of sorting we are pretty proud of where we are headed as a company.

The Vision and mission are pretty big and by purpose super challenging – it’s a go big or go home call to action!!

Both brands fall under the same greater vision, so while the methodology is different the vision is the same.


Travel is how we will change the world.


Case by Case Travel – Bringing Travel to Life

Opal&Finch – Inspiring Connection Through Travel

We hope you’ll join us in our mission(s) to change the world through travel.

We think our vision and mission statements are really brag-worthy, and over the coming months, you will see us doing all sorts of shout-outs about what’s good in travel right now. We will be focusing on enlivening both company’s platforms with inspiration around travel.

  • Read along about our amazing suppliers and the work they are doing to support their communities
  • Catch interviews with small businesses who are finding new ways to do things at a higher level
  • There’ll be discussions about
    • the delight of farm to table meals
    • why experiences with small suppliers are better
    • how to ethically and responsibly travel so that the communities are supported and not a big box supplier
    • Sustainability and how that intersects with travel

And of course, we’ll share our own travel stories – both successes and the things that went sightly sideways

Together we can rebuild our world into a place filled with goodness and hope. As a global community, we can be part of the phoenix rising from the ashes of the pandemic.

Our hope is to inspire you to travel and be part of this rebirth.

Check out the rebranded Case by Case Travel website

Introducing our luxury brand, Opal&Finch – here’s that website

We firmly believe travel is essential to living the life you love.  

From restful resort stays to invigorating adventures, we’ll make your trip one filled with relaxation and experiences that bring you home refreshed and inspired.  We believe that everyone deserves a fabulous trip filled with memories. Let our travel professionals bring your dream to life.

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Connect with one of our professionals today and see how simple travel can be when an expert advisor handles all of the details.  

We make it easy to do great vacations!  

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I look forward to talking with you about bringing your dreams to life.

Contact me today!

Martha Day, CTA

Founder | President – Case by Case Travel, LLC

✨“When your world moves too fast and you lose yourself in the chaos, introduce yourself to each color of the sunset. Reacquaint yourself with the earth beneath your feet. Thank the air that surrounds you with every breath you take. Find yourself in the appreciation of life.” ✨

– Christy Ann Martine





The Case by Case Travel team is looking forward to chatting with you about your travel. 

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